We help children to build their confidence, learn new sporting skills and challenge their physical abilities – all while having fun!


We are a passionate team of sporting professionals who believe that one of the fundamental building blocks of lifetime confidence both on and off the field is being physically literate.

We use proven coaching methods to teach new skills, enhance existing talent and most importantly – help your children realise their unique abilities while having fun with other kids.



Our coaching methods and classes focus on the building blocks of 5 main sports, expanding on these to help your children achieve and improve on their physical coordination, spatial awareness and core stability levels.

We work with a qualified biokineticist to create individualized programs that focus on children’s specific sporting and coordination needs – all in a fun and high energy environment. Your child will learn new skills of course, but they will also absorb fundamental life lessons through our emphasis on teamwork and positive play.

We live by our motto: ‘Sports, Skills and Smiles!’



We believe the combined learnings from 5 key sports help enhance sports confidence and abilities but are also key to physical literacy – a fundamental part of a happy, healthy childhood.

Each of these sports comprises unique skills sets ranging from eye-hand coordination to peripheral vision and anticipatory responses, reading the game and enhancing explosive reaction abilities.



“GoKids was an extremely popular programme with both our students and their parents. The team of coaches conduct fun and engaging lessons and provide a fantastic platform for young children to develop their co-ordination skills while keeping fit and active. The programme was a huge success at Anchors Kindergarten and we look forward to working with the GoKids team again in the future.”

~ Anchors Kindergarten

“Out of all the kids learning centres and playgroups I have contacted for summer programs, GoKids have been by far the most responsive, accomodating and professional!We tried out their summer camp and my 2.5 year old son loved it! In fact, when we used to throw a ball at him it would just bounce off of him and he’d lose interest, but since the camp, he is able to catch, throw and just enjoys playing sports! Despite the unpredictable HK weather and changing locations, the coaches were still able to put together an engaging, fun-filled camp for the kids.We look forward to joining more sessions after summer, keep up the great work.”

~ Isra

Fun classes. Passionate coaches and have lots of patience with kids! My boy loves going to GoKids classes so much.Highly recommended!

~Lailoi Au