Each of our coaches as well as our in-house biokineticist is a professional in their own sporting field.  Their most valuable skills? Their ability to help children to reach their potential and to grow their confidence through fun sports skills development and play.

Our handpicked team has created a series of classes and camp programs designed to inspire children, to help them to learn while playing and to grow their essential physical literacy skills while having the best time with their peers.


“Sport has had a huge impact on my life and shaped the person I am today. I am passionate about sharing my skills and helping young people to achieve their potential by realising their own abilities.”

Coach Marno has over 100 first class caps as a rugby wing and centre and is also a renowned professional coach – most recently as assistant coach to the Hong Kong World Cup under-20’s team.

As a coach with world rugby level 3 accreditation, a mentor and positive role model, Marno leads with passion and purpose, sharing his wisdom gained through many years as a competitive player and carefully guiding young athletes as they begin their sporting journeys.


I believe in coaching the way I wish I could have been coached as a child. I’m a firm believer that when you are enjoying what you do, results will eventually follow.”

Coach Tertius is a true example of someone who has made his passion his career. His love of the game (he has been a professional rugby player for nine years) shines through both on and off the field, inspiring young people to take on the challenges of new skills while learning the values of persistence and commitment.

A natural teacher, Coach Tertius has a talent for helping children reach their potential while having the best time!


“Sports has always been my first love, so I know what it can do for so many kids. I learned all my life lessons on the sports field growing up and had the best time doing it.”

Few people can say they’ve played two sports professionally like Coach Martin. With international caps for both rugby and cricket he is in a unique position to share both his incredible skills and his infectious attitude to life.

Children are drawn to his charismatic coaching style and his ability to teach fundamental coordination and ball skills from the tiniest tots through to players setting off on their sporting journeys


“Sport is an essential part of life as it develops a healthy environment for yourself and others around you; it also teaches you lessons that can be used throughout your life.”

Kids love Coach Rahul – his fun, energetic enthusiasm ensures his sessions are packed with energy and excitement.

With experience playing in Australia and Asia, he is a prominent cricketer with superb bowling skills – the ideal candidate for teaching children the value of multiple sport skill sets and that participating is as powerful as winning.


“Targeted activities are essential for helping children to develop self-confidence and hone their gross motor coordination, especially where support may be needed in terms of strength, coordination and flexibility.”

There are few sports our resident biokineticist Müncke hasn’t excelled in and there’s no doubt her sporting prowess paved the way for a successful career as a human movement scientist.

After completing a detailed assessment together with our coaches, Müncke helps develop focused rehabilitative programs for children in the GoKids program, ensuring their needs are met in a fun, friendly and empowering sporting environment.