At GoKids we combine professional sports coaching methods with an emphasis on physical literacy and, most importantly, fun!

Our small and exciting multi-sport classes and camps span all ages, starting with tots at 18 months, going up to age seven. At the heart of it all is a focus on teaching children to embrace and love movement while developing crucial sports and physical skills plus enhanced mental agility.

Your children will learn fundamental skills and movement experiences – these are vital for healthy, happy development on the sports field or court, in the classroom and in their social environments.

Physical abilities

• Muscle tone and strength
• Joint and core stability
• Proprioception
• Coordination
• Spatial awareness
• Midline crossing
• Bilateral coordination
• Aerobic fitness

Movement experience

• Enhance neuromotor skills
• Improve sports-specific skills
• Enhance self-esteem

Physical Abilities + Movement Experiences = Physical Literacy